“Tidiness and time are the secret of doing everything and doing it well”
“Ability is what you are. Motivation determines what you will do. Attitude determines how well you will do it.”
“Tenacity and constancy make you get what you wish; the word impossible is meaningless.”
“key of success depends only on what we can do in the best possible way.”

Confidence in what we do and what we can offer, searching always excellence in our work.


Experience isn’t the amount of cases you’ve been through, but the number of successful cases.


If there is something we are sure of, it is about our absolute commitment and effort until we reach the right solution.

herrador beltran


Herrador•Beltran Abogados is formed by specialized professionals who offer an integral service in the following areas and departments:


Our vocation for Business law has developed our skills to act responsibly, with honesty and efficiency, always looking forward our clients’ benefit. Our professionals’ training is the basis of a value chain which involves studying every case we receive with the highest accuracy and looking for the different alternatives in favour of our clients. We recommend a preventive evaluation to avoid unexpected consequences. Our firm stands out for giving a personalized and immediate attention as confidence lawyers, without delegations in the professionals who are responsible of every case.


The complex and numerous ongoing legal changes compel us to an accurate study of every case to advise our clients how to take the proper measures. We analyze our clients’ problems with the maximum technical accuracy to look for sturdy and acceptable solutions, according to our legal system. We prepare a financial value of the services and professional fees which must be accepted by the client before starting our professional work.