· Our office is made up of specialists offering a comprehensive service that is structured in different areas.

We like taxes and we enjoy when we advise our clients about all legal paths that lead to their goal. We discourage about aggressive fiscal plannings. Prevention is our best formula.

We are specialized in Permanent Tax Consulting services for societies in all taxes involved during the business year, focusing on the Corporation Tax.

Partners and managers of our enterprise clients also entrust us the planning and designing oftheir Personal Income Tax Act, Wealth Tax, as well as their Inheritance Tax.

Companies’ takeovers and reorganizations require a great fiscal experience in Due Diligence, to attain a tax neutrality and lowering the transfer taxes, that our clients appreciate and that allow us to gain and keep their trust in us.

However, a good family enterprise planning involves designing the best personal and entrepreneurial heritage succession from one generation to another, and avoiding an overcost in the Inheritance Tax.

We manage the Family Offices taxation.

We also represent and defend our clients in the national and regional Tax Inspection Authorities and the Court.

Our work as consultants for commercial companies is what make us master commercial and corporate Law to advise and defend our clients’ positions. We design, analyze and advise in all kinds of commercial and corporate contracts. For instance: distribution contracts, franchise contracts, management-fees, business leases, real estate leases, agency contracts, creation of companies, companies bylaws, shareholders agreements, corporate restructurings, dissolution and liquidation of companies, family protocols, legal assistance as secretary of management boards, contestation of shareholders meetings minutes. Legal assistance in all kinds of commercial judicial procedures in the Mercantile Courts.

Our accumulated experience in bankruptcy law allows us to advise our clients designing for them the best strategy and negotiating with their creditors and financial institutions. That’s why it’s important to act in advance to avoid undue responsibilities and eventually announce the declaration of voluntary insolvency in the Mercantile Court to ensure the maximum period before the final submission.

We also manage the judicial declaration of voluntary insolvency, involving a viability plan, for all kinds of societies. This plan is previously designed and revised by our Firm’s economists. Finally, we bring actions of compulsory insolvency in the Mercantile Court for those individuals and legal entities which may assume this responsibility, and we follow the legal proceedings until their completion.

Our consultancy service for individuals and companies in the field of administrative Law has allowed us to gain a vast experience in negotiation with public institutions, as well as defending our clients in the administrative legal proceedings and the Courts in different cases: expropriations, activity licenses, pecuniary responsibility, controversial buildings, etc.

Our expertise in the civil legal system, and in all the aspects concerning individuals, associations, foundations, contracts, heritage, last wills, successions and civil actions, together with our experience in civil procedural law allows us to choose good strategies for our clients’ problems.

Companies accountancy is Basic for the right fulfilment of the Corporation Tax. Not as auditors but as specialists in Spanish Accountant Law, we advise our clients, societies and corporate groups about the accounting recordings of any transaction or event which may happen during the accounting period and the right preparation of the annual accounts, focusing on the necessary procedures to obtain a proper governing tax application and to avoid relevant tax fines.

As Lawyers involved in an ever changing Labour Law, we are compelled to be fully trained and informed about new laws and to act in advance to the eventual Courts’ interpretation.

Our extensive professional experience allows us to advise our clients in all aspects of Labour Law: labour audit, recruitment and dismissal, prevention of working risks, improvements of working collective agreements, company agreements, negotiation of flexible work conditions, senior management contracts, social security mutual benefits plans, human resources and Social Security middle and long-term planning.

Of course we represent our clients before workers in labour disputes and before the labour authority in case of labour inspections and the eventual judicial procedure until the last court level.

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